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Recognised by the Institution of Fire Engineers

2022 Training & Prospectus Now Available

Tall Building Fire Safety Network (TBFSN) is an Approved Training Centre with Skills for Justice, Recognised by the Institution of Fire Engineers and a preferred supplier to the UK MOD (Career Transition Partnership).

TBFSN has been delivering Tall Building/High Rise fire safety training since 2011, and many organisations rely on our training for gaining competency in this important subject.

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International Stair Descend Day - Friday 19th May 2023

Join people from around the World as they descend the stairs in the High Rise and Tall Buildings in which they live and work.

The objectives of the International Stair Descend Day:

  • Encourage people to descend the stairs in their building – maybe for the first time!
  • Identify any problems people may have in descending the stairs
  • Discuss any issues with colleagues and neighbours
  • Improve understanding of evacuation routes and where possible develop alternative routes and plans
  • Good opportunity to liaise with responding emergency services

If you decide to take part, please get in touch and tell us your plans. We'd love to see your photo’s and hear your stories.

Russ Timpson -

Image of International Stair Descend Day 2023

We Are Your High Rise Firefighting Team

Coaches and Subject Experts: Andy Cane, Tim Gates, Clive Russell, Russ Timpson

Image of High Rise Firefighting Team

Boost your High Rise Firefighting competency by engaging with the high rise team training sessions. Choose from:

  • Insight to International Best Practice
  • Fully project managed High Rise Firefighting Exercises
  • Coaching sessions on specific topics:
    • High Rise Procedure Development
    • Pre-planning workshops
    • Logistics, Vehicles, Equipment
    • High Rise Firefighter Safety
  • Case study workshops
  • 'Build your own' sessions
  • Bespoke to individual buildings if required

Contact Russ Timpson for more details or to book: + 44 07951 190576 or

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"I attended the training course for fire safety management in tall buildings; although I have been doing fire safety for over 20 years this course really opened my eyes to the plethora of problems that have to be addressed when managing multi occupants in tall buildings and should not be underestimated. The instructors’ were first class they brought their wealth of knowledge and practical experience to all the problems that can occur in these types of buildings and it was illuminating. I would thoroughly recommend this course to any person who has to manage fire safety in tall buildings."