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Fire Safety Mark

A Proposal to Increase Visibility of Fire Safety in Buildings
Version 5, July 2020

Download our Fire Safety Mark Presentation

"I think this is a brilliant idea"

Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter FRS OBE>
Chair, Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication

Launch Event

  • The Launch Event for the Fire Mark will take place on Tuesday 8th September, to coincide with Tall Building Fire Safety Conference
  • There will be an information presentation and a Q&A session
  • If you would like to attend please email me:


  • Hello, my name is Russ Timpson and I have been involved in Fire Safety for most of my working career as a firefighter, fire safety manager and fire engineer
  • Over this time I have learnt a great deal about fire, people and the devastating impacts that fire can cause
  • The Grenfell Tower fire tragedy should make us stop and think. The sacrifice of so many people should lead to a change in the way we see fire safety in buildings

The Idea – New Fire Mark

  • My idea is to reinvent the Fire Mark as a easily accessible indication of the fire safety within a building
  • The Fire Mark would act as the fire safety boiler plate for the building
  • The Fire Mark would indicate in a very accessible way, the key fire safety information about the building for occupants and consumers
  • The scheme would be completely voluntary and provide clear consumer choice with regard to fire safety
Image of New Fire Mark

The New Fire Mark

  • The new Fire Mark would be displayed in a publicly available area of the building, i.e. reception
  • It must be easily understood by a members of the public
  • Year of Assessment
  • Fire Mark Rating
  • Fire Safety Tactic Scores
  • Scope of Assessment
  • Competency of Assessor
  • Building Fire Safety Person
  • Where to get more information
  • QR Code

What you can do to help

  1. Consider the Fire Safety Mark idea and feedback any comments, improvements, risks (email below)
  2. If you agree that the Fire Safety Mark is a good idea, then become a signatory supporter via email: